Dr Lo Speaks At The Wider Scope Of Arthroscopy Fellows Symposium In Boston

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Dr Lo spoke at the annual fellows symposium “The Wider Scope Of Arthroscopy” in Boston, MA, Sept, 2015. Dr Lo spoke on the complex patients with posterior instability, and the technical aspects of surgery.

Dr Lo Co-Chairs Advanced Arthroscopy Meeting In San Diego, CA

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Dr Lo and Dr Jeff Abrams (Princeton, NJ) Co-Chaired the Smith & Nephew Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy Meeting in San Diego, CA, July, 2015. This advanced shoulder arthroscopy course gathered US-based surgeons demonstrating the most advanced technical repairs of complex conditions of the shoulder. Dr Lo spoke on “Arthroscopic Bankart Repair: How to Improve Our Results”, “Subscapularis Tears: The Neglected Tendon” and “Rotator Cuff Repair: When Does a Graft Make Sense?”.

Dr Lo Demonstrates Advanced Surgical Techniques At The 2015 ISAKOS Meeting In Lyon, France

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Dr Lo demonstrated live surgeries at the 2015 ISAKOS Meeting in Lyon, France. Dr Lo demonstrated both arthroscopic circumferential repair of the labrum and advanced footprint reconstruction of the rotator cuff in two separate demonstrations.

Dr Lo Chairs Symposium At The 2015 ISAKOS Meeting In Lyon, France

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Dr Lo chaired the Advanced Shoulder Symposium on Advances In Rotator Cuff Repair at the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee and Orthopaedic Surgery Meeting In Lyon France, June, 2015. Included on the panel were Dr Hiroka Sugaya (Japan), Dr Felix Savoie (MI,USA), Dr Nikhil Verma (IL,USA). This symposium presented the latest techniques and results of footprint reconstruction for the rotator cuff.

Dr Lo Speaks At Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy Fellows Course In Texas

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Dr Lo spoke at the Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy Fellows Course in Austin, TX, May 2015. Dr Lo spoke on the technical aspects of preforming arthroscopy surgery on Failed Instability Surgery, Subscapularis Tears and Revision Rotator Cuff Repair.

Dr Lo Speaks At the AAOS Specialty Day

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Dr Lo presented his views on the usage of grafts for rotator cuff repair at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Associations Annual Specialty Day of the Arthroscopy Association of North America in Las Vegas, NV, March 2015. Dr Lo’s talk entitled “Patches and Scaffolds for the Rotator Cuff: Bridge to Healing or Bridge to Nowhere?” reviewed the basic and clinical science of rotator cuff repair using both human and non-human allografts including his own unique experience.

Dr Lo Speaks Chairs International Meeting In Singapore

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Dr Lo was the Chairman at the IRAMEA Shoulder Arthroscopy Masters Forum held at the National University Hospital in Singapore. An international contingent of shoulder experts participated in this unique didactic and cadaver course held over two days in February, 2015. This included faculty and participants from North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Dr Lo Announces Change Of Practice Location

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As of January 1, 2015 Dr Lo will no longer be seeing patients at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre. He will be relocating his clinical practice and administrative office involving public patients (i.e. Alberta Health Services) to:


Matrix MSK

#380, 1620 29th Street, NW

Calgary, AB

T2N 4L7


Phone: 403-284-4040

Fax: 403-284-5656


Up until then Dr Lo will still be seeing patients as regularly scheduled at the University of Calgary, Sport Medicine Centre.

Dr Lo Announces Shoulder Surgical Rounds For February 2014

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GMCRegistration for Fit-for-Travel Clinics with Dr. Ian Lo Now Open

Rotator Cuff Repair, Instability Surgery, Shoulder Replacements, Shoulder Arthroscopy in February 2014

Calgary, AB. December 6, 2013  – Global MedChoices-TCI, Ltd, the leader in orthopedic medical tourism, is hosting a series of Fit-for-Travel Clinics in Calgary for shoulder surgery.  Dr. Ian Lo of Calgary is the lead shoulder surgeon for these surgical procedures, which will be performed in the Turks and Caicos Island in February 2014.  The surgical procedures include rotator cuff repairs, instability surgery, shoulder replacements, and shoulder arthroscopies.

“For those patients looking for expedited care, Global MedChoices provides an affordable medical option that helps patients in need and provides seamless pre-operative assessment and post-operative follow-up back in Calgary,” said Dr. Ian Lo. “This will be my third time performing surgery in the Turks and Caicos Islands and continue to be impressed by world class facility and the high quality of medical care.”

The Fit-for-Travel Clinics will be held throughout December and January for the February surgical week.  The company is now taking reservations for the clinics.

To reserve a space in one of the December or January Fit-to-Travel Clinics, patients should contact the Global MedChoices Patient Advocate at 877.439.7848 or to learn more about the clinic dates and medical travel process with Global MedChoices.

Patients that need arthroscopic shoulder surgery will travel to Turks and Caicos Islands in February for the surgical procedure performed in the islands by Dr. Lo. Global MedChoices handles all travel arrangements and coordination, making the process easy and affordable for patients who want to be free of shoulder pain.

Global MedChoices-TCI, Ltd ( offers patients, in need of orthopedic procedures, a new choice for affordable, timely, accessible and high‐quality orthopedic care in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Procedures are performed at world‐class medical facilities in vacation or resort destinations by North American surgeons who travel to the destination with their patients. All travel, procedures, paperwork and processes are handled from the point of departure to return by Global MedChoices and patients have a personal continuum of care in both the hospital and at home.

Now there is a choice in healthcare. It’s Your Choice. Global MedChoices..


Dr Lo Debates Drs Angelo, Savoie and Taylor At The Emerging Techniques In Orthopaedics: Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery

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Dr Lo recently debated Dr R. Angelo, Dr F. Savoie, and Dr D Taylor at the 3rd Annual Emerging Techniques In Orthopaedics: Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy on the treatment of Grade III/V acromioclavicular joint separations, Dec 5-7, 2013, Las Vegas, NV . In this 3 on 1 debate, Dr Lo advocated careful non-operative treatment of patients and cautioned against the routine surgical treatment of grade III/V AC separations. Dr Lo also performed a live surgical demonstration on arthoscopic subcoracoid decompression, subscapularis tendon repair and rotator cuff repair.