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Dr. Ian Lo has co-authored two books on advanced shoulder arthroscopy which have been translated into multiple languages and adopted throughout the world. These books are a ‘how-to’ guide to advanced techniques in shoulder arthroscopy and are considered essential reading for any shoulder or sport medicine surgeon.

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Rehabilitation Protocols and Patient Education Resources

Dr Lo and his team are developing a program with exercises and education about non-operative rotator cuff tears. Check back here soon for the full program!

Dr. Lo and his team and committed to helping you have the best outcome from your surgery. Ensuring you continue to work on your range of motion and strength as pain allows prior to the surgery can help improve your recovery after surgery.

Pre-Operative Program – coming soon!

Dr. Lo and his team will go over in detail the instructions for your post-operative rehabilitation on the day of your surgery and at your first post-operative follow-up appointment. Physiotherapy services can be arranged through Access Orthopaedics or through a physiotherapist of your choice after your surgery.

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