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Initial Appointment

What to Expect for your First Visit with Dr Ian Lo

Dr. Lo is available for both in-office and virtual consultations to provide patients with convenient access to expert shoulder care. During your first visit, Dr. Lo will review your history and diagnostic tests and examine your shoulder.

In your first appointment Dr Lo will educate you on your diagnosis and the recommended management which may include:

Further Diagnostic Imaging
Diagnostic and/or Pain Management Injections
Active Rehabilitation Program (i.e. Physiotherapy)
Surgical Management

Questions About Your First Visit?

See below for the answers to common questions.

What information should I bring?2021-03-31T11:53:59-06:00

Please collect all of your important medical information so that Dr. Lo may review this information during your visit. Your essential medical information includes: 

  • Copies of reports
  • CDs of diagnostic imaging studies you may have had previously, including x-rays, ultrasounds, CAT scans, bone scans, and MRIs
  • A list of medical problems (i.e: hypertension, cardiac disease) 
  • A list of your current medications
What should I wear?2021-03-31T11:54:33-06:00

Please wear comfortable clothing that exposes your shoulder during your visit so that Dr. Lo may examine your shoulders thoroughly. A tank top, racer top, or athletic top will suffice.

What will occur during my first visit?2021-03-31T11:56:30-06:00

Dr. Lo will review your medical history, physical exam details, diagnostic imaging results, and previous treatments. Dr. Lo will educate you concerning your diagnosis and appropriate treatment. In some cases, Dr. Lo may require further investigations to determine your diagnosis. Dr. Lo will then formulate a treatment plan and discuss the details with you.

Will I need surgery?2021-03-31T11:56:59-06:00

Although you will be seeing a shoulder surgeon, shoulder conditions may be treated conservatively without surgery in many cases. These cases may include modalities such as rest, activity modification, medications, injections, or physical therapy. Alternatively, in some cases, conditions are urgent, and surgery may be critical in restoring function. However, if surgery is considered, Dr. Lo will discuss the relative risk and benefits of surgery and other alternative treatment options.

Do I need to book a follow-up appointment?2021-03-31T11:57:33-06:00

At the end of your appointment, Dr. Lo will discuss the treatment plan and the need for follow-up. Please contact Dr. Lo’s office administrator to book all follow-up appointments.

Am I allowed to bring a spouse or a friend?2021-03-31T11:58:06-06:00

Yes. A spouse, friend, or family member can help remember answers to your questions and details surrounding your treatment plan.

My son had surgery with Dr Ian Lo through Gateway Surgery and I highly recommend their service. Dr. Lo is a great surgeon and the full circle of care Gateway has provided was excellent.

– SO

We are excited to help you take this first step toward improving your shoulder pain!

We are excited to help you take this first step toward improving your shoulder pain!

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